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Why Use OLIVIA’S SOLUTIONS PRODUCTS? It is simply the BEST, that’s why!

Oliviaʼs Solutions Inc. was established 25 years ago in Northern California when the hydroponic industry and alternative methods of growing plants in a progressive, eco-friendly way was just getting started. At that time, in the mid-80ʻs, the only product available to propagate plants was a powder that was not safe to breathe and was messy to work with.

Oliviaʼs Cloning Solution was the first ever liquid that combined both rooting auxins and nutrients in a safe, easy to use liquid for all commercial and home growers. A combination of a light amount of NPK, nutrients for growth, and a rooting hormone provided just what new cuttings were looking for: root stimulation and nutrient growth...all in one concentrate. It was an industry first: a safe, non-toxic liquid, and later a gel, that could be used with all plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Olivia's Cloning Solution and Gel

  • Stimulates rapid root development
  • Feeds new cuttings as they root
  • Has a 90 to 100% success rate
  • Eliminates transplant shock
  • Provides superior start & growth
  • For all plants - indoor or out
  • For the home hobbyist or professional grower
  • In liquid and gel form
  • For hydroponics & soil
  • For use with all cloning machines
  • Safe and easy to use