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Olivia's Solutions Inc. is a company established 25 years ago when the hydroponic industry and alternative methods of growing plants in a progressive and eco-friendly way was just getting started.

    Just Right

OLIVIA'S CLONING GEL and CLONING SOLUTION have a small amount of NPK (plus micro nutrients) for growth that provide just what new cuttings are looking for. It is a safe, non-toxic liquid and/or gel that can be used with all plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables plus medicinal plants. Contains no IBA (Indole 3 Butyric Acid).


How to use Olivia’s Products

Dip cuttings in either Olivia’s Cloning Solution or Olivia’s Cloning Gel prior to placing in your growing medium. Water daily with Olivia’s Cloning Solution. If your pH level is too high, use Olivia’s pH Adjuster-“Down”. If your pH level is too low, use Olivia’s pH Adjuster-“Up”.

Olivia’s Cloning Solution and Gel are not recommended for tissue culture propagation.

Olivia’s Cloning Basics

  • Clones are by definition, “a group of genetically identical cells descended from a single common ancestor.”
  • Cutting or clonal propagation, is a highly efficient method of reproducing any plant type – yielding an exact genetic replica of the plant.
  • In clonal propagation, roots are induced from a portion of the stem, root, or leaf – an exciting alternative to growing plants from seeds.
  • Clones can be taken from a favorite plant and by repeating the cloning procedure, you can grow the strain continually and indefinitely.
  • Cloning is easy if some basic techniques are followed and you use Olivia’s Cloning Solution, Olivia’s Cloning Gel, and Olivia’s pH Adjusters.


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